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Fostering interdisciplinary creativity and innovation through
the arts, humanities, social sciences, and technology

About Us

Leonardo21 was co-founded by Eugenia S. Kim and Loretta E. Kim with the intent of facilitating creative research, mentoring aspiring creators of all ages, and promoting DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging).  We are a for-profit company with a social entrepreneurial spirit based in Hong Kong since 2016. After several years of providing consultation services and equipment rentals, we are streamlining our activities to focus on producing written publications and multimedia content. This includes original books, films, experiences, and short-form content. We will be continuing our mentorship activities in the areas of research and writing.

Eugenia S. Kim, PhD (Director)

Eugenia is a transdisciplinary artist-researcher who works across dance, film, and multimedia. Her current research focuses on movement-based illness narratives and promoting DEIB through the arts. 

Loretta E. Kim, PhD (Co-founder)

Loretta is an Associate Professor and Programme Director for China Studies in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures at the University of Hong Kong with expertise in digital humanities and innovative pedagogy. 

To get in touch, please contact us at

Key Projects

Bukuri Yongson (2020)

A multi-lingual illustrated children's book about the origins of the Manchus created in collaboration with the Manchu Studies Group

Radiant Soma (2021)

Light-based installation art and performance series created with Alvaro Cassinelli (Augmented Materiality Lab) and Jayson Haebich. Presented at the SIGGRAPH 2022 Art Gallery and SerendiCity Media Arts Festival (2023).


Short dance film about human interaction that was selected as a finalist out of 250+ entries for the 2020 OCRAM Soul Place Project.

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