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NAO Collective Open Call for

"And the Ship Sails On: art.practice.research"


Over the last few decades, the idea of artistic practice as a place of knowledge has become a more widely accepted notion. Today, artists produce not only artworks and performances but they use their practice as a starting point to conduct research and generate valid forms of knowledge. Recent challenges, however, have led to less than ideal conditions for the production of artistic research which in turn have made artist researchers adapt and evolve in these uncertain times. 

In order to offer a place for artists to present their artistic practice as research and for the general public to better understand what artistic practice-as/based/led research is, NAO Collective will present “And the Ship Sails On” at JCCAC in June-July 2021 to explore the idea of artistic practice as a place of and for knowledge. The collective currently consists of a group of students and alumni from the PhD programmes at School of Creative Media (City University of Hong Kong - CityU) and Academy of Visual Arts (Hong Kong Baptist University - HKBU). This is the first time that such a wide-scale collaboration is being initiated by the PhD students and alumni of these schools. At the same time, “And the Ship Sails On” is intended as an exercise in creating a space of dialogue among art research practitioners, the local community, and the wider public. We hope that this event will contribute to the growth of an artistic research community in Hong Kong.


This Open Call has two tracks, Exhibition and Events. Submissions should explain how your work functions as practice as research addressing the question of why and how to make art in times of crisis or other concerns in the theme of the exhibition. If selected, you will be asked to sign an agreement of participation and provide at least some of your own equipment and art materials. No participation fee is involved although all participants will need to volunteer some of their time. Documentation of both exhibition and events will be given to participants for their use.

The submission requirements are below:

  • Must be a PhD student  at SCM or AVA OR

  • Have graduated with a PhD from SCM or AVA after 2014

  • Can submit as an artist, speaker./moderator or as a curator working with an artist

  • If submitting as a curator, the artist does not need to meet the PhD or school affiliation requirements

  • If submitting an event idea, the main speaker/moderator can include participants who do not meet the PhD or school affiliation requirements

  • Priority will be given to PhD students and more recent alumni from SCM and AVA

Exhibition - Artworks that come out of your practice-based research or research-informed practice as a doctoral student. We currently have 1-2 spots open. Please fill out the proposal form which will ask for your bio (100-200 words), CV, description of existing or proposed work (150-250 words), images of the work or past relevant work and other information:

Events - Proposals for workshops, talks, lecture performances, panel discussions or other similar type of event for knowledge sharing to take place in the exhibition space.  There are about 5-6 spots available. Please fill out out the proposal form which will ask for names of event organizers, description of event and other information:


Key Dates:

1 February 2021 - Submission deadline

2 April 2021- Installation requirements due

2 June 2021 - Projects/events details finalized

27 June 2021 - Pre-exhibition online and local programming

2-4 July 2021 - Exhibition installation

5-18 July 2021 - Exhibition and Events run

18-20 July 2021 - Strike/clean-up

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